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It’s All in the Details

Planning a party or an event, whether it’s a fun Wedding, Corporate Event or Birthday Party, isn’t easy to do alone. That’s why we decided to open CLARKSTONE 360. Our mission is simple: We help plan amazing events and event highlights for people who love hosting, but don’t have the time or expertise to hash out the details! That's it! 


CLARKSTONE 360 has the best family fun entertaining value in all of the Mid South. We not only serve our clients, we enjoy them to the fullest. 


CLARKSTONE 360, ALWAYS PERSONABLE, ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL! Offering the highest level of professionalism is one thing we truly pride ourselves on. 

Peace of Mind

YOUR Peace of Mind is VITAL to our success! That's why taking as much planning stress off of you is priority! YOU just enjoy the party and leave the details to US.

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